Prime minister Boris Johnson still has coronavirus 7 days after testing positive, remains in isolation – New video

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Friday April 3  was supposed to be Boris Johnson’s final day in isolation, after he tested positive for the deadly virus last week. But the UK Prime Minister will remain in isolation because he is still showing symptoms of the coronavirus after seven days of medication.

Boris Johnson said he still has a temperature and will remain self-quarantined, as per the country’s guidelines.

The UK has told people with symptoms or who test positive for Covid-19 to stay in self-isolation for seven days, or longer if they are still symptomatic, CNN reported. The World Health Organization’s guidelines, by contrast, state people must stay in self-isolation for 14 days after they develop symptoms.

Johnson has been leading his country’s coronavirus response from home while in quarantine. His Health Secretary Matt Hancock also tested positive last week, but he has now come out of self-isolation.

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In a video posted to Twitter, Johnson also urged people not to go outside as good weather arrives in the UK over the coming days. “Everybody may be getting a bit stir-crazy,” he said. “Please, stick with the guidance,” he said.



UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, test positive for Coronavirus, Chief Medical Officer has symptoms



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We wish the prime minister and all coronavirus victims the quickest recovery.


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