Black man serving life term for stealing hedge clippers granted parole after 23 years in prison

Fair Wayne Bryant granted parole Oct. 15, 2020: Kerry Myers / Louisiana Parole Project
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A Black Louisiana man serving life term for stealing hedge clippers more than twenty years ago has been granted parole. This comes months after the state’s Supreme Court declined to review his sentence.

Fair Wayne Bryant, 63, was released Thursday after The Board of Pardons and Committee on Parole voted to release him, records show.

Bryant will enroll in a program in Baton Rouge that helps prisoners adjust to life after they are released. Eventually, he will be allowed to live with his brother in Shreveport, according to the report.

Under the conditions of his parole, Bryant will have a curfew, must attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and complete community service.

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The Louisiana American Civil Liberties Union called the board’s decision to grant parole a “long-overdue victory.”

“While nothing can make up for the years Mr. Bryant lost to this extreme and unjust sentence, today’s decision by the parole board is a long-overdue victory for Mr. Bryant, his family, and the cause of equal justice for all,” said Alanah Odoms, ACLU of Louisiana executive director.

Bryant was 38 when he was arrested in January 1997 for taking a pair of clippers from a carport storeroom at a home in Shreveport. The homeowner was alerted to the theft and chased Bryant off, Nbc reported.

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