Five issues that can indicate you have ADHD as an adult

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You may be a part of with a couple of of those indicators (Picture: Getty Images/

The long-lingering stereotype of ADHD is a hyper little boy who can’t focus in courses.

That’s an huge part of why so many people make it to maturity with out receiving a evaluation – they don’t match this slender view, so go years with out understanding why their thoughts works the best way by which it does, and why they might uncover issues powerful.

It’s very potential that you may have ADHD nevertheless have no clue that’s the case.

A evaluation in actual fact desires to return from a medical expert, not strangers on TikTok or tick bins in articles, however it can be helpful to review further about what ADHD can look and feel like previous the stereotype, and to find this extra if there are components you relate to.

With this in ideas, we spoke with Sarah Templeton, an ADHD counsellor, coach, and CBT therapist, about some widespread issues adults experience that can indicate the state of affairs.


Addiction and ADHD go hand in hand – the prevalence of ADHD in people who have addiction problems is huge,’ Sarah tells ‘The ADHD thoughts is compulsive – always seeking adrenaline or a thrill.

‘Adults normally uncover this in alcohol, medicine, meals, shopping, taking part in, promiscuity and hoarding.

‘Women in particular use food to self-medicate and obesity is very common with undiagnosed ADHD.’

‘I was 48 as soon as I purchased my ADHD evaluation’

Age is Just a Number: I was diagnosed with ADHD at 48
Kim was 48 when she lastly acquired an ADHD evaluation

I be taught the guidelines of indicators out to my husband. 

‘Always late, easily distracted, impulsive, struggling to focus, prone to emotional dysregulation. Who does that sound like?’

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I’d anticipated him to say our daughter, nevertheless as an different, he replied:

‘That’s you, Kim. That’s you to a T.’ 

I was researching ADHD for my eldest – it hadn’t crossed my ideas that I’d have it too. 

I put my husband’s comment to the once more of my ideas whereas I focused on our daughter, nevertheless often I’d mull it over. 

Could I have ADHD too? 

A number of months later, definitely considered one of my customers – I work as a nicely being and mindset coach – knowledgeable me she had merely found she had ADHD. 

I began researching immediately, on the lookout for out each factor I’d regarding the state of affairs, so I could very nicely be best positioned to help her. But the additional I found, the additional my husband’s phrases rang in my ears. 

With every discovery, I observed further of myself. 

Read Kim Raine’s story of receiving an ADHD diagnosis at 48 here


Are you a perpetual people-pleaser at work, in relationships, and with your family? That can be a symptom of ADHD.

‘ADHD people often have low self-esteem,’ Sarah explains. ‘This normally begins from a very youthful age, usually starting throughout the early youngsters.

‘This can lead to a lifetime of constructing an try to please others to compensate for his or her traits of ADHD that can be annoying to others.

‘People-pleasing at its extreme means women with undiagnosed ADHD are susceptible to abusive relationships. Research shows that ADHD women in particular are much more susceptible to controlling, coercive and abusive relationships.’

Not with the flexibility to stop or decelerate

Sarah says: ‘Lots of individuals with blended and hyperactive ADHD describe themselves as having an “internal motor” that not at all stops.

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‘This means nothing is ever ample and these people push and push themselves to achieve an growing variety of.

‘You normally uncover workaholics and exercise-aholics have undiagnosed ADHD.

‘As it is hard for ADHD people to regulate how much they do, they often end up burnt out.’

Young Woman Checking Heart Rate On Smart Watch
Adults with ADHD are susceptible to coach behavior (Picture: Getty Images)

Being additional delicate

Have you ever been referred to as ‘too sensitive’, a ‘drama queen’, or an ‘attention seeker’?

‘Emotional dysregulation and rejection sensitive dysphoria both go alongside ADHD,’ Sarah tells us.

‘From puberty onwards it gets very difficult to control emotions for ADHD people. Regulating emotion is something an ADHD brain cannot do – it’s part of the supervisor function that is affected by the utterly completely different thoughts wiring.

‘So, they’re going to normally get accused of over-reacting to circumstances.

‘Rejection sensitive dysphoria means that a person with ADHD takes rejection and humiliation very badly and they often can perceive rejection when it isn’t there. This can make the start of current relationships pure torture for ADHD people.’

Having one different evaluation that doesn’t pretty match

‘Because ADHD has only been diagnosed in adults since 2009 in the UK, people diagnosed previously to this, or still being diagnosed by psychiatrists who don’t understand adult ADHD, are generally misdiagnosed,’ Sarah notes.

‘Very widespread misdiagnosis comprises EUPD (emotionally unstable character dysfunction), bipolar, psychosis, nervousness and melancholy.

‘In addition, individuals who discover themselves recognized with conditions like dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia normally assume that their evaluation explains all their issues.

‘However, these conditions are in fact normally comorbidities of ADHD and the source ADHD has been missed.’

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Sarah Templeton is an ADHD counsellor, coach and CBT therapist and author of How Not To Murder Your ADHD Kid: Instead Learn How to Be Your Child’s Own ADHD Coach, on the market on Amazon, priced £19.99

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