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Weekend Hot Topic: What’s the oldest video game hardware you still use?

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PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch
How far again do you go?

Readers reveal the oldest retro units they still play video games on, from outdated consoles to a 1978 Space Invaders coin-op.

The topic for this week’s Hot Topic was impressed by reader Rackam, who requested what’s the oldest piece of unique hardware you still have in working order? How lengthy have you had it for and is it still working as properly now because it did initially?

There have been lots of attention-grabbing solutions to the query, starting from comparatively current dwelling consoles, like the Wii, to historic units like the ZX Spectrum, though transportable consoles proved to be the almost certainly retro hardware to still be normally use.

Work advantages
Well, I’ve a lot of outdated gaming methods, however whether or not they get used or not since the arrival of mini-consoles is debatable.

However, I do still use my Nintendo DS for puzzle gaming, like Picross, and we received our Wii out lately for Super Mario Galaxy 1 and a pair of and the fantastic Resident Evil 4, but in addition to delve again additional and play GameDice titles like Skies Of Arcadia and Burnout 2.

Prior to the mini-consoles although, the SNES additionally received a daily airing, which still works handsomely and is a testomony to the construct high quality of outdated consoles. We even have a completely working Mega Drive at work that we’ve matches on Mega Bomberman and Micro Machines on throughout break occasions.

Happiness all spherical!

Portable paradise

Thanks to having a penchant for handheld consoles, I still often play on older hardware, made all the simpler having the ability to purchase video games for them from the excessive road (primarily CeX) and on-line. The consoles I play on the most are most likely the DS and 3DS, that are still so transportable and straightforward to slide right into a pocket in comparison with the Nintendo Switch. Just this week I used to be taking part in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All and never way back accomplished Super Princess Peach which, like many on the codecs, is unique to it.

I did dabble in getting some lesser-known transportable consoles from yesteryear, which I detailed here, but in addition have a PlayStation Vita and have performed and completed some outdated classics on that, together with Silent Hill, Patapon, and Suikoden.

The portability, nice battery life, and sheer breadth of game catalogues for the aforementioned consoles means I’ll proceed to play them for the foreseeable too!
Paul Conry

Full management
The oldest hardware I still use is my GameDice, which I received in summer time 2002. It still works completely, the solely drawback being the analogue sticks on the controllers are beginning to crack somewhat (though I could order new elements quickly). After shifting round over the final six years or so, as a consequence of work, I’ve not had a lot likelihood to play it aside from at Christmas, once I was at my dad or mum’s home the place it was saved. Now I’ve lastly settled someplace, and I’m wanting ahead to replaying the GameDice’s glorious library.

I additionally personal the Classic Mini NES, SNES, and Mega Drive and whereas not outdated hardware, most of those video games are still completely playable, particularly the SNES with the good huge sprites.

For me the solely hardware half that issues are the controllers. I’ve performed Game Boy Advance video games on my laptop computer utilizing keyboard, however this simply isn’t the similar as having the unique really feel.

My ultimate scenario can be gaining access to all (and I imply all) of Nintendo and Sega’s again catalogue on Switch with a Game Pass mannequin and the potential to purchase retro controllers for the service. Alas, I feel we are going to solely ever get a piecemeal providing of a retro service from Nintendo and Sega.

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Yearly deal with
I at the moment have my PlayStation 5 as my solely console set-up to make use of at this second in time. As the PlayStation 5 provides me digital entry to some outdated video games I’ve a lesser must preserve a number of consoles in my set-up. However, annually I do go on a retro journey and set-up all my outdated consoles. My oldest dwelling console? PlayStation 2. I setup my PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, as they still have unique video games for these consoles solely. I suppose portables are totally different, as I still personal a Game Boy Color, PS Vita, and PSP however I not use them anymore, or no less than not a lot.

With all the mini-consoles and downloadable video games I don’t must have my unique NES, Mega Drive, and PS1. PlayStation 2 and three play PS1 video games so all the pieces is roofed. Over the years I did personal after which promote my GameDice, unique Xbox, Xbox 360, and Dreamcast. I simply discovered a number of consoles dear, as you have so many video games to purchase. Out of all of them, I do want I still had my Dreamcast.
Matt Riddle

Preferred peripherals
Oh wow, what an important subject. Well, I assume it relies upon how you have a look at it, whether or not I still have it and it really works, or whether or not it still will get used…

The oldest piece of gaming in my home that still works and is often used is my spouse’s ZX Spectrum 48K that we get out of the loft each few years to strive. Complete with outdated tape deck and video games on cassette, and Kempston joystick. It’s not used often, as emulation is very easy, nevertheless it does get used often. The Spectrum was launched in ‘82, I’d guess this explicit one is mid 80s? So approaching 40 years outdated!

The Wii is still arrange below the TV able to go, however to be sincere it doesn’t actually get used anymore.

As for peripherals, I retired my outdated Logitech Driving Force GT wheel about three months in the past, after most likely 13 years good service. It still works wonderful, however I needed a clutch pedal and H-pattern shifter. It will most likely be on eBay quickly. I’ve additionally received my first ever drive suggestions wheel: a Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP. That’s received to be no less than 20 years outdated!

My mouse I take advantage of for first individual shooter gaming and the like, a Logitech Performance MX, was launched in 2009 and I received it shortly after that – in order that’s most likely 12 years outdated. Still an important mouse, so why change it?

I still have an Xbox 360 wired controller that may come out if wanted for a four-player Overcooked session.

My Nvidia Shield K1 pill from 2015 still will get often used because of its improbable Gamestream facility, that means I can stream PC video games to my TV in the lounge – so no console wanted for lounge gaming. It’s additionally my predominant emulation machine. The battery is on its final legs, however for now it’s still going!

Then we’ve stuff that I still have, that ought to work however by no means will get used:

My outdated Amiga 500. Bought in 1990 once I received my first correct job at 16 years outdated. I beloved that machine, nevertheless it most likely doesn’t rely right here as I haven’t used it for years.

A Game Boy Advance (alas, not my unique 1990 Game Boy – no concept what occurred to that). So when was that? I reckon I received it about 2004, in order that’s 18 years outdated.

The PlayStation 2 is in the loft, however still works so far as I’m conscious. I did get that fairly late although, most likely 2004-ish. That’s together with multitap and 4 controllers, though most of the controllers are garbage third get together ones. I could get it down and fireplace up Burnout split-screen motion!

I’ve received a 3DS knocking about someplace too.

I do attempt to squeeze as a lot out of hardware as potential.

Wow… so many units, and that doesn’t embody the ones which have vanished over the years!

Great reminiscences… It’s a bit scary how a lot I’ve spent on gaming in my lifetime. That doesn’t even cowl GPUs, displays, and many others.

As you can inform I’ve been gaming a looong time!
The Dude Abides

No area
I’ve received two however just because I don’t know the dates I’ve to incorporate each. I still use my PlayStation 2 and Wii consoles. The Wii is the most used as me and the children play Mario Party and Wii Sports on it pretty often.

The PlayStation 2 comes out once I really feel like God Of War pre-emotional breakthrough. I’ve additionally modded it so I can play PS1 video games on it by way of the onerous drive and Free McBoot. I’d like to have it out all the time however till I can consolidate my Xboxes I don’t have the area to depart it out. Until such time it has to sit down below my mattress with its youthful brother, the PlayStation 3.

The modded PlayStation 2 can even now output to HD high quality however, once more, I don’t have the HDMI area for it and haven’t purchased the required cable adapter.

Nostalgic hording
I’ve a good quantity of older hardware in my home; nevertheless, I’ve received to be sincere I don’t precisely use them too typically. I’ve still received my Game Boy Advance and DS, however these being small items of equipment it’s simple sufficient to stay them in a cabinet and convey them out on just a few events all through the yr. It’s the unique PlayStation, and by extension the CRT, that’s the tougher piece(s) to justify protecting round, since whereas the console is small (I’ve the slim model) the TV is massive, and I’ve to confess spends extra time amassing mud than it does exhibiting photos of Lara Croft and Sir Daniel Fortesque.

It most likely doesn’t assist that the cables the console initially got here with are on their final legs, there’s lots of wiggling concerned to get the energy provide in the proper place so it doesn’t flip off mid-game. I ought to most likely look into getting a substitute. Even so I’m unsure how a lot this is able to encourage me to play with the console extra typically, however nostalgia is a powerful drive stopping me from eliminating each the console and the TV.

The traditional
I personal an unique 1978 Taito Space Invaders arcade machine, which I still play pretty often. I purchased it on eBay, with no concept tips on how to get it dwelling! I requested on Facebook if anybody with a van may assist me fetch it from its earlier proprietor 10 miles away. A man with a hatchback mentioned he’d do it for £25. It turned out that solely the prime half of the machine would slot in his automotive, so we needed to drive again with half a Space Invaders machine protruding the again of his automotive!

It solely value me £260, which was a cut price, nevertheless it didn’t work. I contacted somebody on-line who repairs printed circuit boards, and I despatched it off to him. A number of weeks later he returned it to me and I put it again in the machine and it labored. It hasn’t let me down since, though the image on the monitor rolls for a couple of minutes till it has warmed up.

I’m fairly good on it, and may ‘clock’ the rating, which implies that the rating solely goes as much as 9,999 then returns to zero. I’ve since purchased one other 10 arcade machines, however Invaders is the oldest at 44 years.
Tim Keeling

Space Invaders cabinet
Space Invaders – that’s fairly outdated hardware (pic: Tim Keeling)

Never once more
My oldest hardware can be a Mega Drive (1). But it isn’t my unique as I foolishly traded that and all my video games in for an N64 again in the day. I then foolishly traded my N64 and all my video games in for an Xbox at launch.

I by no means received a fortune for both console, but it value me greater than any cash I may have made. As such, I’ve not traded in a console since. I may most likely dispose of the outdated Xbox at this level, to be truthful, though it still works. I stupidly traded in the likes of Project Gotham Racing 2 a very long time in the past, nevertheless. Some individuals by no means study…

But I digress. The substitute Mega Drive that I purchased from GameStation 15-odd years in the past does certainly still work, and I’ve purchased a handful of the video games once more, over the years, off eBay, together with my absolute favorite on the system: Micro Machines Turbo Tournament ’96! I can affirm it stays a cracker.

The Mega Drive Minis have given me entry to sufficient of the video games that I’ve not felt the must search for unique copies for some time.

Other than that, I still dip into my Nintendo DS, 3DS, and, much less typically, Game Boy Advance. Yep, I had traded in a bunch of the Game Boy Advance video games. Plus, we even gave my spouse’s outdated SNES away to a buddy!

Young me actually hated the concept of future me having fun with life, what with all the buying and selling in, poor food regimen, and lack of train.

I don’t play any of those outdated machines as typically as I’d like although. Unfortunately, life insists on getting in the approach.
FoximusPrime81 (gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)

Sentimental worth
I still personal a working PlayStation 2 Slim, regardless of the truth that almost all of the video games I get pleasure from on it, e.g. Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 4, can be found on extra up-to-date hardware. It’s for purely sentimental causes that I haven’t removed my PlayStation 2, as after turning into disabled, it was on this console that gaming grew to become a really particular pastime for me.

I additionally personal and often play on a Game Boy Advance SP, as a few of the video games I get pleasure from on it, e.g. 2003’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Konami, usually are not out there on the extra present codecs I personal. I still have lots of love for the little man – such an important little handheld!

In storage
I do know round my home I’ve saved all of my earlier consoles and computer systems however whether or not all will work now – who is aware of! But they’re lined up and protecting mud free. But would I set them up once more? Probably not for the foreseeable future.

I final performed the Super Nintendo just a few years in the past on an outdated tv, to play Terranigma as a consequence of the accessibility of this game which is difficult to come back by and no trendy updates or ported variations exist. So the outdated SNES cartridge must do for now. Also, Illusion Of Gaia, the first of the video games, was performed round the similar time.

As with lots of players these days, with entry to retro video games on trendy consoles and PC ported variations, that’s how I’ll do it for now. Though my outdated Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and DS still cost up and are a lot simpler to have for a pickup and play session. And if it wasn’t for all of the indie video games out there on laptop computer or iOS then I’d decide up my handhelds extra typically.

It’s good to know I’ve the possibility of organising a retro console to an old style tv with not an excessive amount of problem. And in all honesty, the older the console the extra doubtless it’s to work as a consequence of the stable mechanical make-up and ease of the inner processors, which proceed to work regardless of their age. Quite one thing actually, the less complicated it’s the longer it lasts.

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